Mince cooking hack on TikTok leaves the internet in horror

trending 15/12/2020

There are loads of cooking hacks flooding the internet these days and for the most part, people usually take notes.

But there's a new one that's gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

TikTok user Emily Harper has shocked the internet after revealing she rinses mince under the tap after cooking it to remove the grease.

“Let me show you what I learned in Nutrition a couple years ago,” the text reads in the video.

Emily then films herself going through the process of cooking the meat and rinsing it off, showing off the “difference.”

Emily’s tip might proove to be very useful for anyone looking to cut down on fat. However it didn't sit well with fans of flavour who were truly appalled by it.

“Don’t invite me over for dinner,” one viewer wrote.

“They have ready made dog food Emily you don’t have to make it yourself,” another joked.

“The way my jaw dropped…” a third added.

Other people were more concerned about her habit of draining the grease down the sink, which made people question how much she was spending on a plumber.

Nuts or normal fam? What do ya reckon?