Transgender woman makes history after being crowned Miss New Zealand Intercontinental

scandal 12/11/2020

A Filipino woman named Arielle Keil has made history by being crowned Miss Intercontinental New Zealand 2020!

Keil was born into a traditional Filipino family in Davao City, but grew up in New Zealand. When she first came out as transgender back in 2017, her family weren't supportive and she was kicked out of the house.

She told Metro:

Coming out as a gay man was nowhere near as terrifying as coming out as a transgender woman. Your whole life changes and so does the way people will see you forever.

Now, she says her dad fully accepts her as his daughter and says that he is "genuinely proud" of her. 

And how could you not be proud! Keil is the first trans and Filipino woman to win the title of Miss Intercontinental New Zealand. She said the pageant was an "amazing experience", and something she's wanted to do "for the longest time."

So to actually live out my dream has been amazing.