A new crime doco has just hit Netflix

Netflix 06/11/2020

Your newest crime obsession has just hit Netflix. Carmel: Who Killed María Marta? is a four-part documentary which is all in Spanish as its set in Argentina..

The case was from 2002 and gripped the world, and it continues to frustrate people. Carmel was a gated community where a lot of very rich Argentinians lived to get away from the city's violence. 

María Marta was a 50-year-old sociologist who was biking home in the rain by herself and then was found fully clothed in a bathtub, where they initially thought she had drowned, big yikes. 

When the first ambulance arrived, she was still alive, just, but by the time the second one came for help, she sadly passed away. 

The documentary focuses on different suspects and theories as to what could have happened. Watch the trailer here