This woman's custom McDonald's order is confusing everyone

Food 23/10/2020

This woman's McDonald's order after a night out is confusing everyone, and we can see why. 

After a big night out, Canadian, Kate Poole placed a burger with a few modifications which she claimed would be the ultimate cure. She ordered a cheeseburger, with no buns, no mustard, no onions and no pickles, oh and no meat either. So basically she ordered two packets of tomato sauce. 

Her husband Jody said,

"So we had a few drinks last night [and Kate] decides a McDonald's hamburger will cure her hangover."

"Now Katie is the type of person who will make modifications to a classic – 'no pickles, no onions' etc.'

So this is what she ordered 'no pickles, no onions, no mustard, no bun, no patty'… they literally sent us two ketchup packets!

We can't exactly see how this would work, but I guess if you're craving tomato sauces its perfect?