Paris Hilton protests outside school that allegedly abused her

scandal 13/10/2020

Paris Hilton has recently released a documentary about her life. This is where she revealed the abuse she suffered at this school and the struggles she had during her early years. 

Alongside the ex-students, Paris marched outside the disciplinary school Provo Canyon as a protest about their sinister schemes. When she was 16-17, she went to a few correctional schools in NYC due to her bad party behaviour, but they disciplined her and others by beating them or making them take unknown pills. 

Paris talked to the crowds that were there too and said, 

It’s something so traumatic that you don’t even want to think it’s real… It’s something I blocked from my memory for forever,

Since the documentary came out revealing all these claims, many students have since come forward having the same evil actions done to them.