Healthy Harold the giraffe back and he's giving us major nostalgia

scandal 12/10/2020

Harold, the giraffe, is making a comeback and it's we are beyond excited. The master of health back in the day has a completely new outfit and a new message of health checks, and we love it. 

Harold has teamed up with OPSM to raise awareness about eye health, and they've added some great glasses to Harold. 

In an interview with Pedestrain TV, Harold answered all the questions we wanted to know.

When asked what inspired the new outfit, Harold said 

How many people do you know that look as good today as they did 20 years ago? You know, I don't just "talk the talk"… I've spent years educating young people about health and safety and following my own advice.

"They don't call me Healthy Harold for nothin'. But giraffes like me, we set trends, we don't follow them… and squinting only leads to wrinkles, so I went to OPSM and picked out some frames and now all the cool kids want in."

We love his new Harold and a pretty epic message for kids too!