Miley Cyrus roasted Joe Rogan on his own podcast

scandal 04/09/2020

Miley Cyrus recently appeared on the well-known podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and this one was a real goodie!

At one point in the interview, the two were discussing drag queens, when Rogan claimed that all drag queens do the same moves.

Cyrus wittily responded, "that's what I think when I'm watching your shows too, you know? All the same stuff."

Rogan was probably caught off guard, but had a laugh at the comment. It's clear the two have good chemistry and are definitely comfortable with eachother!

Cyrus appeared on the podcast to promote her upcoming album, and the two covered a range of topics like drugs and sobriety, veganism, the dark web, mental illness, growing up famous and heaps more.

Have a watch of the full podcast up top, and here's a handy timestamp list that 'The Timestamps Guy' created in the YouTube comments:

0:13| Joe welcomes Miley
0:20| Her heavy voice & Reinke’s edema
2:17| Her mullet, aging & recovery days
4:16| Working at a young age
5:01| Smoking & sobriety
6:28| Informing young people about vices
8:21| Her loved ones & fathers birthday plan
9:55| Her realistic childrens book & her dad
13:25| The media, click bait & podcasts
18:10| Mental illness, alcoholism & weed
24:22| Miley's head injury, veganism & supplements
28:48| Her dad stole chickens & dogs
31:12| Logic, emotion, anxiety & loneliness
35:06| Emotional connection & resilience
41:55| Exercise, her hands & digging on drugs
43:30| Wolverines, bears & her phone voice
50:46| Her diet, nutrition & her mentor, Dolly Parton
56:52| Her flexibility, veganism & her routine
1:05:25| Growing up famous & normalcy
1:10:09| People in her life & fear
1:20:37| Ru Pauls Drag Race & the death drop
1:30:52| Drag & gender roles
1:36:12| Physical pain, back pain, exercise & CBD
1:41:33| Being firm, kindness & communication
1:43:50| Making music & records
1:50:11| Image, makeup, filters & drugs
1:59:30| The music industry & TikTok
2:02:30| Jamies connection to the dark web
2:04:54| Her latest project