Lululemon announces an inclusive sizing range

trending 22/09/2020

Lululemon activewear has made a name for itself by creating cool and stylish activewear. However, they have always lacked inclusive sizing. This month this is set to change as they announce they will be producing their main six items in sizing ranging from 0-20, and by 2021 they will have the full range. 

CEO Calvin McDonald announced this, and it was welcomed by everyone who has been calling for this change. 

Inclusion is a journey, and we know we have work to do. We're committed to launching more inclusive gear every season.

Audrey Millian Reily, who is the senior vice president of design at Lululemon, shared some of the BTS work of the new range in an Instagram video.

"Doing this type of work isn't a case of just flipping a switch," 

"We've actually spent the last 2-3 years re-looking at body types. It's about understanding how that material maps on the body" and "engineering for the body in motion."

Even though the range will be limited at the start, this is a step in the right direction and we love to see it!