Lizzo's powerful body image message in Vogue

scandal 25/09/2020

Lizzo has featured on the cover of Vogue and sent out a powerful message to everyone about body image. She tackles a few issues, including the Black Lives Matter movements, and politics, but the stand out for everyone was her thoughts on body image.

She says,

“It’s commercialized. Now, you look at the hashtag ‘body positive,’ and you see smaller-framed girls, curvier girls. Lotta white girls. And I feel no ways about that, because inclusivity is what my message is always about. I’m glad that this conversation is being included in the mainstream narrative,” 

 “What I don’t like is how the people that this term was created for are not benefiting from it. Girls with back fat, girls with bellies that hang, girls with thighs that aren’t separated, that overlap. Girls with stretch marks. You know, girls who are in the 18-plus club. They need to be benefiting from…the mainstream effect of body positivity now. But with everything that goes mainstream, it gets changed. It gets—you know, it gets made acceptable.”

We couldn't be more inspired by this queen, what an icon.