KJ Apa reveals the new rules before a kissing scene in Riverdale

scandal 25/09/2020

We've always heard celebs say that filming kissing scenes and intimate moments are never as steamy as they seam, but during a pandemic, they're even worse. 

The cast of Riverdale are filming their newest season in Canada, and Kiwi KJ Apa has revealed the new measure they need to take while filming. Of course, hygiene is crucial during a pandemic, but we can't help but find this comical. 

To film a kissing scene, they need to make sure there are no bacteria in their mouth, and everything is extra clean. Before their Scene, Archie and Veronica are seen linking arms and drinking mouth wash then spitting it back out. 

He posted his video saying,

our new normal is washing our mouths before every take of a make-out scene...