Blind dog has his very own guide dog and its the best

trending 24/09/2020

After Golden Retriever dog Tao lost both his eyes due to glaucoma, his owners got him his own guide dog puppy to help him continue his best life.

The guide dog puppy is also a Golden Retriever and is named Oko.

Oko accompanies 10-year-old Tao out on walks, linked up together by a lead, helping keep Tao out of danger and navigating him around the place.

The pairs owner has set up an Instagram account for them and it is adorable.

The account shows many adorable snaps of the dogs taking walks and playing, as well as snuggling up together.

The story began when Tao's owner discovered him in great pain back in early 2019, leading him to be diagnosed with glaucoma at the vets and to have one eye removed. His second eye was removed eleven months later.

Talking to Somerset Live earlier this year, his owner said: "Euthanasia was never an option. He's part of our family and we have done the best we can for him."