Arnott’s just dropped new dessert inspired biscuits

trending 09/09/2020

Arnott's have taken some of our favourite biscuit classics and transformed them into dessert inspired masterpieces.

They've taken their classic Scotch Finger adding a salted caramel twist, turned their Shortbread Cream's into a choc mud cake and have given a delish black forest twist to the Monte Carlo. Yum, yum!

The black forest Monte Carlo consists of two chocolatey home style biscuits, filled with vanilla and cherry flavoured cream, wrapped in a chewy jam.

The choc mudcake infused take on Shortbread Cream's feature chocolate bikkies filled with an elegant piping of deliciously smooth chocolate cream.

And our personal fave - The Scotch Finger fusion of salted caramel tart will melt-in-your-mouth. With the buttery taste of the Scotch Finger, crunchy caramel chunks and a salty bite. Yum, yum!

"Inspired by some of our favourite desserts, these biscuits are set to be a hit with sweet-toothed kiwis.” says Arnott’s Brand Manager, Michelle Kitchen.

“Whether it’s the double chocolate Shortbread Cream Mud Cake, the jammy Monte Carlo Black Forest or the perfectly-dunkable Scotch Finger Salted Caramel Tart – this delectable collection has something for everyone.”

This new range of delish biscuits hits supermarkets from today - so get amongst fam!