Vogue praises Kiwi Singer as Aotearoa's "most promising talents"

scandal 20/08/2020

Māori singer/songwriter Teeks has landed a feature in Vogue magazine, and we are so proud!

"His voice, deep and smooth as butter, has caused some to dub him the male Adele," the article reads. 

The magazine hosted the world premiere of the music video for Teeks' new track 'Without You' - from his forthcoming first full-length album - and highlights the "critical acclaim" his first EP Grapefruit Skies received in 2017. 

"You're about to hear a lot more from Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi, who goes by Teeks," the article promises, adding that the singer is "about to step onto a global stage". 

Vogue US readers are also introduced to a few Māori words as writer Christian Allaire explains how Teeks' cultural background influences his music.

The article was shared to Vogue's 28.2 million followers via there Instagram page, in a post which claims: "If you're not yet familiar with @thisteeks, you soon will be." 

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