Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to high achieving student so she can go to University

scandal 24/08/2020

Victoria set up a GoFundMe page at 18 years old after getting into Warwick University after getting straight A's in her A-levels. She had only been in the UK for four years and had to learn English from scratch, so this is pretty amazing. 

She was not entitled to any government grants or financial help, her father has passed away, and her mum still lives in Portugal. This made the idea of University very difficult as there was no way she was able to afford it. 

That was until Taylor Swift Came along... 

The 30 year old singer saw her page and said, 

Vitoria, I came across your story online and am so inspired by your drive and dedication to turn your dreams into reality.

"I want to gift you the rest of your goal amount. Good luck with everything you do, Taylor."

Vitoria then wrote on Twitter: "I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY OR EVEN HOW TO FEEL."

"Of course I have to thank @taylorswift13 for donating more than £23k towards my campaign. I wouldn't have reached my target so quickly if it wasn't for you."

Now, this is the good news we need in 2020!