A new only-horror streaming service has hit NZ and it's a horror fan's dream!

trending 17/08/2020

A new streaming service has arrived in New Zealand, and it's a horror fan's dream.

Shudder is home to hundreds of horror movies and TV shows, the new, the old, and even a series of originals that Shutter has produced themselves. You can watch the trailer for one of those originals, 'Creepshow', up top.

The streaming service launched in America back in 2015 and quickly developed a wide audience. The service has slowly expanded around the globe, and as of today, is available in NZ. 

Shudder will cost you $6.67 per month, and like other streaming services, offers a free trial before you're committed to paying.

They're also offering a 20% discount to new members who want to join up with an annual subscription (the discount code is 'ShudderANZ', you can thank us later). 

Kiwis unfortunately won't have the same amount of shows and movies on the service as the likes of America, but it's still loaded with a bunch of horror content to help get you through lock-down.