A 'Chicken Run' sequel is coming to Netflix

scandal 24/06/2020

Finally! After 20 long years, the iconic 'Chicken Run' film will be getting its sequel.

For those of you who have little to memory to this great animated film (since we were all little kids in 2000), here's a little refresher:

Chicken Run follows a group of chickens, lead by Ginger and Rocky, dreaming of escaping the dreaded chicken farm when they learn that their owner is plotting to have them killed and turned into chicken pies. 

The sequel is set in a human-free chicken paradise where we'll be introduced to a new character - the chicken coople's (sorry, we just had to...) daughter, Molly.

The story will focus on Ginger rallying her feathered troops and going to war to protect their hard-earned freedom.

The filmmakers have planned to begin filming next year and we can't wait to see the trailer to this exciting sequel. We'll keep you updated when it drops.