This weird ice cream combo is going viral on TikTok for being ‘life-changing’

scandal 16/05/2020

We all have differing opinions on the old chips dipped in ice cream debate (anyone who says it’s not delicious is straight-up wrong). This new TikTok ice cream trend is waaaay weirder than that though, and people are saying it’s ‘life-changing’. 

Posted by @himynameissherrie, the TikTok in question tells us to combine vanilla ice cream, olive oil and pink Himalayan sea salt… Yeah, we said wtf too...

Using audio from the OG poster @fashionlush, @himynameissherrie went viral saying the combo "changed [their] life". 

Some people are dueting in complete shock and disgust at the combo:

While others are trying it and agreeing that it’s actually pretty good:

Let us know if you test this one out, and tell us your thoughts. We’re very interested in the verdict.