This camera lets you throw treats to your dog when you’re not home

trending 22/05/2020

If you’ve headed back to work at Level 2, both you and your dog are probably feeling some mad separation anxiety right now. It’s hard going from being around each other for impromptu cuddles 24/7 to being separated all day. 

There’s a way you can still interact with your furry pal to ease the anxiety when you’re not there though - a camera that lets you talk to your pup and feed them treats throughout the day. We’re actually blown away by the geniusly simple idea. 

The Furbo Dog Camera has a full HD camera with night vision, two-way chat between you and your dog (because they’ll want to bark back when you’re talking to them, obv) as well as the ability to throw treats to your pet throughout the day. 

Sounds like we’re going to get way too distracted by our dogs throughout the workday yet again… just like lockdown all over again, but we’re definitely not complaining.