This ‘impossible’ puzzle looks like a broken pane of glass and we want it now

trending 08/05/2020

We’re sure you’ve attempted pretty much every puzzle under the sun by this stage, but we’re willing to bet you haven’t done one that’s like piecing shards of glass back together (unless the lockdown boredom got to you so much that you resorted to smashing windows…). 

Social media design company yelldesign have decided to start making puzzles, and their flagship one looks damn near impossible tbh. Named ‘The Accident’ (we see what they did there), the unique puzzle is made of completely clear pieces resembling shattered glass.

The website describes the "hyper-challenging" puzzle as a “truly a one-of-a-kind puzzle. Each line, angle, and connection was designed by hand, resulting in 215 unique and beautiful clear pieces."

The completed puzzle measures 58.5cm by 55.5cm, and is “perfect for puzzlers that master shapes and patterns, this one starts easy and gets... progressively harder."

You can grab the puzzle on yelldesign’s website here, but it won’t come cheap for us Kiwis. Including shipping, it will set you back about $130 NZD. Worth it for the joy (or anger…) you’ll get out of it? We’re not sure. 

They have a couple of other unique and challenging puzzles if ‘The Accident’ isn’t your thing. Once that’s pretty topical atm in ‘The Virus’:

"Can you contain the virus? Master this beautiful clear 91 pc jigsaw puzzle. Made from 3mm clear cast acrylic, with a fluoro virus centerpiece! Finished puzzle is 295mm x 295mm,” reads the description.

And there’s also ‘The Fishtank’ which is super cute:

"This puzzle has been described as 'diabolical'. A truly challenging, beautiful clear jigsaw puzzle. Made from 3mm clear cast acrylic, this puzzle is 160 pcs with a fluoro fish! Finished puzzle is 454mm x 280mm. It looks pretty simple, but will still take a good weekend and a bit for hard-core puzzlers,” says the description. 

What do you reckon, are you up for the challenge?