Spare a thought for this model’s super infected piercings, on display in online store

trending 31/05/2020

Spare a thought for this poor model, whose earring photoshoot turned into quite the spectacle after Twitter users took a much closer look.

Twitter user @agsrem picked up on a crusty surprise while shopping on UK site Brandy Melville. The model was wearing a £5 silver key earring, but was upstaged by her incredibly infected ear:

This is something you really can't unsee.

The editors really should have taken a closer look:

Surely someone would have noticed it. Especially since you have to look at the model’s ear to even view the product.

The crusty pic was eventually pulled from the website, but the Twitter screenshots mean that it will live on the internet for years to come.

We wish the model's ears all the best for a speedy recovery.