Jason Derulo ripped out two front teeth in TikTok challenge gone wrong

scandal 20/05/2020

Jason Derulo just posted a vid on TikTok and it looks like he's ripped out his two front teeth. It's hard to watch this without cringing!

He was attempting to eat corn on the cob using a power drill. Probably not good idea. Please don’t try this at home - because it's bound to cause some real damage.

He decided to give it a go. Just as the corn starts moving, his two front teeth literally pop out.

Check it out - if you think you can handle it:

Is it even legit though? Could Jason be playing a prank on us all?

Since then he's posted pics and another TikTok video. His teeth seem to be in place.

Perhaps he filmed them before the corn cob incident or he's got a pretty speedy dentist?

It sure looks pretty legit. Hopefully it’s fake!

Because ouch...