Heinz Ketchup have jumped on the ‘impossipuzzle’ train with a new all-red puzzle

trending 16/05/2020

Lockdown really took it’s toll on us, turning us all into banana-bread baking, whipped-coffee making, puzzle-doing hermits. But if you’re anything like us and are now addicted to puzzles, thankfully Heinz Ketchup is here to bring you your next challenge.

We bring you the Ketchup Puzzle.

Unlike the puzzles we’re used to though, this one has no lines or patterns to follow - it’s all just plain, ketchup-coloured red.

You can’t just order this special puzzle online or pick it up in store though - it’s only available to win, making it even more unique. 

There were only 57 puzzles up for grabs via an online giveaway, in honour of the 57 varieties of Heinz that’s labeled on every bottle. Unfortunately for us the comp was only available to UK residents, but if you’re a MASSIVE ketchup fan maybe you’ll be lucky enough for one to pop up for sale online soon. 

Happy puzzling!