Delish keto-friendly Caramilk-inspired Mallowpuffs are available for NZ-wide delivery

scandal 22/05/2020

If you’re a Caramilk fan (if you’re not - are you ok?) you’re going to love these. The crew at Kookie Haus have created their very own caramelised white chocolate mallow-puffs and we need them NOW. 

The ‘Caramelk mallows’ are available for delivery NZ-wide and we are so damn excited to try them - and we haven’t even told you the best bit yet. They’re completely gluten- and sugar-free, at only 1.2g carbs per puff.

The tasty treats combine fluffy white marshmallow with a yummy biscuit base, dipped in a layer of Kookie Haus' very own caramelised white chocolate. 

If you can’t wait for delivery, you can pick up from their store out in Ranui, Auckland. And on that note - BRB, going for a drive. 

Check them out here.