Auckland is hosting a 10-day drive-in cinema starting next weekend

scandal 22/05/2020

A drive-in cinema seems like something that only existed back in the 60s. Lucky for us though, thanks to social distancing, they’re making a come-back. Time to live out our fantasy of being in an old school rom-com. 

Taking place at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane over 10 days, the Drive In Cinema kicks off next Wednesday (27th May). You can catch a huge line-up of films across 23 sessions, including The Notebook, Joker, Frozen II and Jojo Rabbit - there’s something for any vibe.

No cinema outing is complete without snacks though, so Burger Burger and Ben & Jerry’s are on hand to deliver pre-ordered treats to your car door. Sign us UP.

And don’t worry, it’s all very Level 2-friendly - attendees will receive their own allocated parking spot, and payment is all done online prior to the event, so there’s no contact. 

One car with two passengers will set you back $47.50, so it’s not far off what you’d pay for the normal cinema. But this is defs something worth splashing out for. 

Book your tickets here and check out the full line-up of movies on offer. We’ll see ya there! (Waving through our car windows of course).