‘Normal People’ is your new thirsty iso addiction

trending 11/05/2020

'Normal People' is a new drama series that will become your next thristy binge watching obsession - based on a novel by author Sally Rooney.

Set in a town west of Ireland, the show follows the complicated relationship between high school lovers Marianne and Connell.

It's the story of two star-crossed lovers - kinda like Romeo & Juliet, but way more spicy and relevant to now.

Marianne's outspoken, lonely and pretty introverted, while Connell is the popular kid in school. But in the end their intense attraction for each other is way too impossible for either of them to ignore.

A year on they both head off to uni and their roles reverse, when Marianne becomes a social queen and Connell is shy and awkward.

They get together and break up loads of times. Marianne and Connell sincerely care for each other but they also hurt each other a lot. 

The show's also packed full of sex. Not just for shits and gigs though - it helps highlight the strong chemistry they have for each other.

Honestly highlighting the journey to love yourself and others properly.

The full season of 'Normal People' is avaliable to stream now on TVNZ OnDemand.