You can now play Cards Against Humanity online with your mates

trending 04/04/2020

Keeping ourselves occupied when we’re locked away from our friends has been a bit of an adjustment for everyone this last week or so. Thank goodness the internet has our back in these tough times. 

If your usual weekend nights involve sitting around with your mates over a game of Cards Against Humanity, you don’t have to go without during the lockdown - you can just play with them online instead. How good. 

Thanks to the website, you can set up a virtual room for a game, then pass the link on to your mates so you can all see the game in real time and join in. The site includes a few other popular card games you can play with your mates for free as well, but the Cards Against Humanity one is called ‘Remote Insensitivity’. 

Once set up, the game is essentially the same as the IRL version - a player pulls a question card, and everyone else looks at their hand to choose their best answer, then the player who pulled the question card picks the winner. 

If you want to make it feel more like a normal games night in, set up a video chat so you can all chat while you play. That’s your weekend planned out for you - you’re welcome. 

Cards Against Humanity isn’t everyone’s jam though, so if you’re after something a little different you could try a livestream nightly pub quiz!

Goose's Quizzes is a pub quiz brand based in Scotland who usually do quizzes in about 40 pubs across the UK, but they’ve decided to go digital during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The founder of Goose's Quizzes, Andrew, said the day after the UK prime minister told pubs and bars to close, he and the team 'worked flat out' to sort out a free, virtual pub quiz that anyone can join, anywhere in the world.

"What we knocked out was by no means professional, but we love doing pub quizzes so it meant we could actually run some form of a pub quiz online for people,” Andrew said. 

"We use Twitch to stream the quiz and Google Forms for people to fill in their answers, then we mark them and reveal the answers the following night,”

"The response we've had has been overwhelming. We've asked people to send in photos of themselves at home playing along and we're getting photos of people in their jarmies, we had a couple of guys who were stood in a queue at Morrisons, just having a great time playing along,”

"I think that's what we need - that community. We've had people tune in from all over the world. We're just trying to make the best of the bad situation."

There ya go, a whole weekend full of card games and quizzing sorted for you!