Tiger King's Joe Exotic appeared in a Louis Theroux doco nine years ago

scandal 07/04/2020

Look what the cat dragged in. More Tiger King content from Joe Exotic's past.

British filmmaker Louis Theroux just reminded the world that Joe Exotic appeared in one of his docos a couple of years ago.

Nine years ago in his 2011 BBC documentary ‘America’s Most Dangerous Pets’, Louis traveled around the US and met all the crazy people that own exotic animals. 

This one convo he had with Joe was pretty insane:

In the doco Joe came across as a far more normal and compassionate guy. He discussed his rescues and how he cares for animals that others cannot.

Here's what Louis had to say after watching Tiger King:

We're looking forward to seeing what else Louis has to say about his encounters with Joe Exotic. Maybe he's a bit more normal than how he's portrayed in Tiger King...

Louis Theroux: America’s Most Dangerous Pets screens tonight on BBC Earth SKY Channel 74 at 9.25pm