This family recreated the entire Simpsons opening theme during isolation and it’s so good

trending 09/04/2020

We’re sure this lockdown is testing everyone’s creative abilities, and one thing’s for sure: it’s bringing us some incredible social media content. 

The latest viral lockdown sensation is a family from Ontario, Canada, who created an absolutely spot-on version of the iconic opening sequence to everyone’s all-time fave cartoon show, The Simpsons. 

Joel Sutherland, along with his wife Colleen and three children, had spent nearly four weeks together in quarantine when they decided to clean their basement in hopes of finding something new to keep their kids entertained.

During the clean they found their 2018 joint family costume of The Simpsons family, which sparked the idea to remake the opening - but with a few topical lockdown tweaks. 

The original opening scene shows Bart Simpson writing lines on the chalkboard during detention for whatever he’d done wrong. So in the Sutherland’s version, 10-year-old Joel writes: “I will social distance”. 

Daughters Bronwen, 8, Fiona, 3, play Lisa and Maggie Simpson respectively in the remake.

Joel said the inspiration for the idea was that he and Colleen were “trying to keep the kids from feeling any stress during this challenging time.”

“It’s hard for them to not have their activities or friends, so we thought that doing a video — which we would usually not have time for — would be a great way to look for the positives in this situation,” 

“We had a ton of fun brainstorming the shot list with the kids, filming each scene, and editing it all together. It turned out much better than we had hoped!”

At the end of the opening sequence, the Simpsons all pile onto their living room couch, a scene that is done slightly differently in each episode of the show. In the Sutherland’s version, the family are about to exchange high-fives, but they stop short, because ya know - coronavirus. 

The end result of the remake was so good that the official Simpsons Twitter account even reposted the effort: