Online drinks got so rowdy the police were called to break up this 'house party'

trending 07/04/2020

Don't get us wrong, we've had our share of vinos over video chats while in lock-down but this is a serious step up.

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A group of friends in the UK were enjoying a virtual party as the six of them came together to celebrate one of their daughter's 13th birthday in lock-down when they heard a knock at the door.

Gemma Cullen said "My friend Melissa in Paisley was all dolled up and dancing with her cat round the kitchen to Usher."

"She went away from the camera after a bit and when she came back on, I could see her talking to someone."

As it turns out, that someone was a police officer who had been called by the neighbours who had seen Melissa dancing with her cat and thought that she had friends over for a forbidden party during the lock-down.

Gemma went on to say that the police officer was great about the situation and said online drinks weren't going against any of the lock-down rules.

"They must be so busy at the moment and to get called out to a girl dancing in the kitchen with her cat – they could have been annoyed but they weren’t. I think they’re doing an amazing job" she added.