KFC UK's savagely rating people’s home-made fried chicken and it’s hilarious

trending 09/04/2020

Pretty much everyone has suddenly become a budding chef over these last few weeks to fill in the time - you can guarantee you’ll see at least 3 home-made banana breads on your Instagram feed at any one time. 

The one thing we’re all missing the most though during lockdown is greasy takeaway foods, especially the GOAT of all takeaways - Kfry - so naturally people have been trying to make their own versions of these at home too. 

So KFC UK & Ireland have come up with a hashtag on Twitter for everyone to submit their attempts for brutal ratings, Gordon Ramsay style, and it is extremely entertaining. Using the hashtag #RateMyKFC, the Twitter account rates each attempt out of 10 and they’re definitely not going easy on people. 

Check out some of the best ratings below:

Not everyone’s attempts have been completely useless though. There’s even an official #RateMyKFC Leaderboard showing off the best creations:

If you feel like giving homemade KFry a crack yourself, this guy Dan Fell has spent nearly a year and a half testing out different recipes and reckons he’s finally found the one. He’s shared the recipe via Twitter for us to try at home - who knows, maybe you could make it onto the #RateMyKFC Leaderboard yourself…