Prepare to cringe as uni student accidentally had a wee in front of her whole online class

scandal 26/03/2020

In a time when we're all staying home with many of us still working or studying, remember, if you're on a video call, turn your camera off if you're going to the toilet.

Unfortunately, one uni student missed that memo and all we can say is 'poor Jennifer'.

During a social work class focusing on family approaches, this American Uni student really needed to go for a quick wee. 

Instead of waiting, the student called Jennifer thought she could sneakily take her computer with her, unaware that most of her class could see exactly where she was...

“I saw nothing,” one student said to try an ease the embarresment before Jennifer quickly left the lesson.

Please take a minute to watch the reactions of the other students and remember to double check if your camera is on or off while at home people.