Vans release sensory-inclusive shoe collection for autism awareness and we love them

scandal 22/03/2020

Our favourite shoe brand for them skater vibes has just brought out a new collection designed specifically for people with autism and they’re cute af tbh. 

Children and adults with autism spectrum disorder tend to have sensory sensitivities, so they can be overly sensitive to certain colours and textures. The new Vans collection has been designed with this in mind, focusing on a ‘calming colour palette’ and interesting textures.  

Not only is the new collection more friendly to people living with autism, but Vans has also promised to donate a minimum of $100,000 USD ($176,500 NZD) of its profits to The A.skate Foundation charity. 

The A.skate Foundation works with autistic children and adults to ‘allow them to be part of a social world through skateboarding’. How cool is that!

The charity’s website describes its lessons as “an environment that is appropriate to their sensory needs”, according to their website. 

“We provide one on one skate lessons for persons with autism in an environment that is appropriate to their sensory needs in order to learn. We provide this service at no cost to the families who participate,” it reads. 

“We also provide the skateboard gear and safety equipment (helmets, skateboards, and pads) for the participants to use during their skate session. We strive to make the experience as incredibly successful for the participant as possible!”

All the shoes in the collection are designed for ‘enhanced comfort’ and are super easy to put on with slip-on style or velcro fastenings. Most of the products also follow a calming colour scheme of blues, greens and greys. 

The release of the clothing and shoe collection comes just in time to stock up for World Autism Day in a couple of weeks time, taking place on April 2nd. You can check out what’s up for grabs on the website here.