The Sims 4 is 75% off right now for you to play while in self-isolation

scandal 20/03/2020

There's nothing better than playing The Sims when you want time to really fly by.

After setting up your family and building a house you'll think you've been playing for a good couple hours and be ready for some dinner but no, you've actually been playing for 16 hours and now you're up at 2am wondering what TF just happened. 

Turns out now though, that's exactly what we're after to pass the time in self-isolation and EA is here to help. 

They've brought their spring sale forward and have slashed the price of The Sims 4 by 75%.

This isn't the first time The Sims has gone on sale for an absolute bargain.

Last year, EA decided to make the game free for new players which obviously didn't sit well with everyone who'd already sunk their hard earned money into the game and expansion packs.