Sharyn's top 7 online workouts you can do while you're stuck at home

trending 20/03/2020

If you're wanting to workout at home, I've compiled a list of my faves after becoming obsessed with home workouts during maternity leave, GET AMONGST!

1. Fitness Blender on Youtube - Hundreds of workouts for FREE, no equiptment, smashes ya bod

2. PopSugar - From HIIT to Dance fitness to boxing, The trainer is so cute and happy too, you feel happy while you do it 

3. Yoga with Adrienne - She has 30 day yoga course if you’re beginner to expert, you’ll wanna be Adrienne’s best friend annnnd she has a cute dog named Benji 


5. Han Romano - If you want a kiwi touch and a community vibe, Han is a legend 

6. Nike Training App 

7. Keep it Cleaner