This Creme Egg Dip and Hot Cross Bun Chips recipe is the ultimate Easter treat


As Baker Gatherer writes, this year it’s time to up your Easter platter game with this Creme Egg Dip and Hot Cross Bun Chip recipe!

Perfect as a dessert to share, Easter entertaining or simply for those with a sweet tooth and a love for Creme Eggs. Cover your platter with anything worth dipping and make sure you save some for everyone else!

Creme Egg Dip

250g Cream Cheese
50g Butter - Room Temperature
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Cadbury Creme Eggs

1. Add the cream cheese and butter to a medium sized bowl and beat until smooth and incorporated. Add vanilla extract and beat again.
2. Finely chop up creme eggs and add to the cream cheese mixture. Continue to beat until thoroughly combined. Pour dip into a serving bowl, cover and chill in the fridge for up to an hour or until serving.

Hot Cross Bun Chips

1 Pack of Hot Cross Buns - Chilled

1. Before you start, make sure your hot cross buns have been chilled. This makes it easier to cut into thin slices. 30 minutes in the freezer will be fine.
2. Once chilled, thinly slice each roll sideways. Making about 4 slices per roll. Once sliced, cut each slice in half again, either diagonally or vertically.
3. Place on a line baking tray and grill each side until toasted and crisp.
4. Allow to cool and arrange around your creme egg dip, ready for… dipping!

Other platter serving suggestions include: Fruit (Strawberries, apple slices), pretzels, crackers, biscotti, wafers, chocolate and marshmallows.

Happy Easter!