UK Pizza Hut has launched vegan stuffed-crust pizza

trending 28/02/2020

UK-based vegans are in for a deliciously cheesy treat, with Pizza Hut launching the vegan stuffed-crust pizza. 

Yeah, not only can you enjoy the stretchy cheesy goodness as part of your toppings, you can also have it stuffed and melted into your doughy crust. Are you drooling? We are.

The stuffed crust celebrates its 25th birthday this year and now vegans can join in on the action, with the vegan version developed using Violife’s vegan alternative to cheese. It’s available now for anyone over that side of the world any time soon. 

The release follows the success of the vegan pepperoni pizza, The Pepperphoni, which launched in January, selling nearly 40,000 within the first month. People are absolutely loving the vegan options obviously. 

Ciara Grace, Senior Menu Innovation Manager at Pizza Hut Restaurants, commented on the launch of the stuffed-crust vegan pizza, saying: ‘We’re always looking into new and exciting ways to develop our menu and cater to as many guests as possible. The vegan stuffed crust was naturally the next step for us to grow our plant-based offering at Pizza Hut Restaurants. We’re really excited to launch the vegan stuffed crust as we’re confident it’s going to be a hit on both taste and texture.”

“The stuffed crust pizza has been a firm favourite for 25 years, and Violife are excited to be partnering with Pizza Hut to make a vegan version a reality,” added Simon Orchard, the UK & Ireland Country Manager. 

“We can’t wait for customers to try the deliciously melty new stuffed crust, and help continue to show people that it’s never been easier to go dairy-free.”

Hopefully it’s not long until the new option makes it’s way over to us here in NZ.