The Circle's real Rebecca says what it was like watching her BF pretend to be her

scandal 04/02/2020

If there's one show you need to watch this year, it's The Circle.

The new show has quickly become one of the most popular on Netflix for 2020 and we literally can't get enough of it. 

Quick run down, people on the show are living on their own, in their own apartments, and can only talk to each other via text. 

This meant that not only could people play different versions of themselves but also play the catfish game and be someone completely different to who they said they were. 

That brings us to 'Rebecca' AKA Seaburn who went in to The Circle pretending to be his girlfriend...

Pretending to be his GF, Seaburn didn't hold back when it came to flirting with other guys (i.e Alex who was also a catfish but don't even get us started on him or his *vom* flirting #aroused) and building a super close relationship with Shubham which he said was like a brother/sister thing but Shooby, come on, let's be real...

Now that the show has finished, what did the real Rebecca, aka Sami, think of her boyfriend's performance of her?

In a short clip on Twitter, the Sami told Netflix that she actually thought he did a great job! That was except for *that* cramps moment in the gals chat...

Watch the full vid below: