Snifters have made a comeback - in the form of new 'Snifters Lumps'

trending 13/02/2020

Anybody remember enjoying a bag of Snifters at the movies?

Well this week they're are making a comeback - in the form of new limited-edition Snifters Lumps.

Snifters Lumps combine the old Kiwi classic with the Pineapple Lump - minus the pineapple. Instead they've taken the minted flavour of Snifters lollies - turning it into a chewy, chocolate-coated lump of its own.

Snifters haven't been produced since 2009 due to a lack of consumer demand. So loads of people are super excited to give them a try.

Pascall Snifter Lumps are available from today across selected supermarkets, service stations and dairies nationwide.