Chanel is selling a drink bottle for $8,000 and somehow it's almost sold out

trending 05/02/2020

Fancy a new drink bottle? Well, have we found a bargain for you.

Chanel has added a metal drink bottle to their catalogue which comes in a lambskin pouch (because that's not extra at all...)

Kitted out with chains and the classic logo, this water bottle doesn't come cheap. In fact, I think it's probably the most expensive water bottle to ever exist.

The 'flask bag' is on sale for £4,410 ( $8847 NZD) and before you say "Who TF would buy that!?", take a seat because the bottle is almost sold out with the Chanel shop in London saying they only had one left last week.

The bottle made an appearance at the Grammys earlier last week as Maggie Rogers was spotted carrying it down the red carpet.