Apple is finally releasing an eye-roll Memoji for you to use daily

trending 16/02/2020

It’s time to kick our sass levels up a notch - in Apple’s latest iOS update we’ll be able to send eye-rolling emojis that actually look like us to really get the point across. 

Apple has announced several new Memojis as part of the iOS 13.4 update, including an eye-roll, praying hands, shocked face and you sat behind a Macbook (obv). Check them out below:

The iOS 13.4 update is still in the testing phase at the moment, so it isn’t available on every device unfortunately - but it’s expected the new Memojis will be available for us to use on iMessage and even FaceTime.

Back in December, Apple announced that you can also add your Memoji to videos through its free video creation app, Clips - we don’t know about you but we’re allllll about it. 

There’s no official release date for iOS 13.4 yet, but a few tech wizards have suggested it’s likely to be out in March. We don’t even know why we bother typing out messages to people anymore tbh - a good selection of Memojis is all we need.