'Hannah Montana' prequel is in the works according to Billy Ray Cyrus

scandal 07/02/2020

A Hannah Montana prequel could be on the way - and we couldn't be more excited!

Billy Ray Cyrus, who played Robby Stewart and his rockstar alter ego Robbie Ray on the show, confirmed the rumor that a prequel might be in the works:

"They’re talking about doing a prequel, which to me, I would do that in a heartbeat... Because that means I get to get my mullet back."

The original show never went into how Miley became Hannah.

"I think there’s a whole story that led up to Miley becoming Hannah Montana."

Our fingers are crossed about the fact that Hannah Montana could make a return!

In the meantime, here's her hit track "The Best of Both Worlds" for you to 'rock out' to: