Jonas Brothers recreated Kim K's iconic "Don't be f***ing rude" fight and we're dying

scandal 16/01/2020

Let's start things off by going for a trip down memory lane, all the way back to 2007. 

It's the year that will go down in the history as when Keeping Up With The Kardashian first began (most likely because it'll still be going with Kim K's great great grand children as the stars) but at the same time, the Jonas Brothers were also in their prime, releasing their song 'Year 3000' (which should go down in history as well in our opinion TBH.)

Since then, they've both gone on to be household names around the world and create iconic moments, like JoBro's "oh how the tables have turned" video:

And Kim Kardashian's iconic 'Don't be f***ing rude' fight from KUWTK season 2, in 2008:

And now, over 10 years later, the two worlds have collided as Joe, Nick and Kevin re-created Kim's iconic fight.

Going the extra mile, the boys even dubbed the voices from the famous clip over theirs and all we can say is we're dying from laughing right now. 

The re-enactment even got the seal of approval from Kim who said "OMGGGG I love you guys!!!!!" on Twitter.