Melbourne will be getting these flying Ubers in 2020 – the future is now

trending 21/01/2020

We’re only three weeks into the new decade and it’s already starting to look way more futuristic than the last.

This year, Melbourne in Aussie will be one of three cities in the world to have trials of Uber’s flying taxis – Uber Elevate. The other two lucky cities are Dallas and LA in the US. We really didn’t think we’d be seeing the flying car vibe this soon into the decade tbh.

Uber have revealed what the new aerial taxis will look like this week, unveiling their new full-scale aircraft concept model partnering with automotive company Hyundai. The aircrafts will cruise at speeds of up to 290 kms/hr - which is pretty similar to the speed of a helicopter – and will fly around 300-600 metres above ground for up to 100 kms.

Sounds like Melbourne is going to be looking a bit like a SciFi movie this year…

The flying taxis will be flown by pilots to begin with, but Uber plan to make them completely driverless over time. Eek, we don’t know about hurtling through the air at 290 kms with no one controlling it…

The good news is that the crafts will be run completely on electricity, and will have several smaller helicopter-style propellers instead of just one – this will help keep them a bit quieter thank goodness. Helicopters can be VERY loud, so it would be pretty awful having heaps of them flying around in the city.

Four passengers can fly in each Uber Elevate at a time, and they’ll take off and land vertically using ‘Skyports’ located on high rooftops at key places around the city. Here’s an idea of what they might look like:

We can expect to see the trial runs start before the end of the year in Melbourne, and regular services kicking off in 2023. Check out the Uber website if you want to know more!

The future is now guys. We’ll be flying around in our own cars in no time by the looks of it.