Kendall Jenner becomes a Navarro cheerleader for the day

scandal 31/01/2020

If you haven't watched Cheer on Netflix, you really are missing out. The new hit doco series follows the lives of the champion cheerleading team from Narravo College. 

The latest celeb to declare themselves a super fan of the show is Kendall Jenner. When on Ellen, she chats about how much she loves the team and especially Morgan Simianer. 

Of course, then Ellen brings the team out, including Morgan and they both fangirl over each other,  and it is so cute!

They then teach Kendall a thigh stand which looks rather scary! 

"I know what a thigh-stand is, I think," 

Kendall says, and then they continue to lift her above their shoulders in an excellent cheer stunt

We love 'Cheerleader Kendall', its something we never knew we needed!