Here we go again, are these shoes black or white?

trending 31/01/2020

New year, new illusion to devide the internet.

Just when you forgot all about the drama of Yanny or Laurel that devided your friend group, there's a new illusion that's going viral as people debate over what colour a pair of Louis Vuitton trainers are.

A photo of the shoes covered in the iconic Louis Vuitton print has split Twitter, with half saying the shoes are black, or the other half saying the shoes are white but in a dark room.

Let's break it down though, these shoes are white. Sorry to break your hearts everyone that thought they were black.

At first you may see black but if you let your eyes adjust, you can see they're white and the Louis Vuitton pattern on top just has some weird glow. On Twitter user said that they look like they're glowing because "They are white with 3M details, this fabric is light reflective so when you take a picture with low light it does that effect."