Here's your first look inside the new Love Island villa in Cape Town

scandal 10/01/2020

Love Island UK has a brand new villa for season 6 - they've moved it from the Spanish island of Mallorca to create a new paradise in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

At three stories high, it's way bigger than the previous villa.

There are loads of new features to the new pad, including a boys dressing room and a bigger bathroom complete with bath and twin showers.

Prime and ready for loads of shenanigans to take place...

The dog house is a new feature that's part of the lounge. It's basically a fold-out bed built into the wall - for times when the girls get sick of their man.

Some people might already recognise the villa. That's because it was used as one of the locations on Netflix's Black Mirror - as the house where Miley Cyrus was kept captive as Ashley O.

The production team have transormed the villa into a Love Island paradise. It's also been kitted out with the classic beach hut and fire pit - where all the drama will be set to kick off!

Love Island UK: Season 6 premieres on Neon Jan 14.