Ashton Kutcher reveals who he would want to Punk today

scandal 31/01/2020

Ashton Kutcher has shared what he would do today if he was still the host of 'Punk'd'. 

Even though he won't be staring in the revival of the show, as this has been taken by Chance the Rapper, Ashton revealed he would love to prank Billie Elish. 

When speaking to James Corden on the Late Late Show he said, 

I was, like, thinking, if I did it, I would probably, like, go get, like, Billie Eilish or something and I would create, like, a bit and I would call it, like 'Bad Guy,'

"And the idea would be as, like, the CIA would show up at her house and be, like, 'Listen, we need your help with an issue that we're having. Have you ever heard of [Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia] Mohammad bin Salaam?'"

We would just love to see this happen!