A Harry Potter themed bar is hitting NZ next month

trending 29/01/2020

Stop what you're doing as a Harry Potter-themed bar is opening!! It was meant to be opening Jan 30th, but this has since been delayed until around March. 

The pop-up bar features a 90-minute cocktail class so you can learn the magic for yourself.

It's been created "for all fantasy and magic lovers". 

The class asks it's participants to "unleash your inner magical being as you brew potions, cast spells and drink more mead than you can shake a wand at,"

Concoct devilish brews for good (or evil), all under the watchful eye of our wise potions master.

To learn the secrets of potion-making will only set you back around $50 and it includes one mead, two potions and your own robe and wand while you take part in the class (its a no brainer from us).

The location of the pop-up remains top secret - but what we do know is it is in Auckland and it will open on Thursday, and stick around until March 1, so youll need to get there quick!

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