MAFS AU Jessika Power is already calling out one of new brides on Insta

scandal 03/02/2020

The drama on Married At First Sight Australia is heating up before the latest season even hits TV screens thanks to a former bride using social media to condemn one of the new contestants.

Jessika Power, who became one of the 2019 season's villians for her infidelity during the series, wrote a lengthy rant about new bride Stacey Hampton, who she's accused of 'gaslighting' a fellow contestant. 

Next to photos of Hampton, Power dubbed her "insecure", claiming she had "labelled and slandered" her friend Hayley Vernon, who is also participating on the reality TV show. 

"What I see here is a girl who's 25, gone on this show and just gaslighted the shit out of [Hayley] who has actually worked her entire ass off to be fit, healthy and brought herself out of the darkest of places," Power wrote. 

"All to be labelled and slandered by someone who is clearly insecure that someone may bag more 'airtime' than her.

"[Stacey] even wrote to me that she thought she was the new 'me' on the show." 

The controversial TV personality said she "didn't want to get caught up in this shit", but that when she saw her girlfriend [Vernon] upset, she was compelled to "call it". 

Power claimed at least three of Hampton's castmates from this year's season agree, sharing a screenshot apparently from one of them which reads: "Can't stand her", with an applauding emoji. 

Power, who infamously cheated on her partner Mick Gould with another groom, Dan Webb, also shared screenshots from an alleged conversation with Hampton, who had told her "I thought I was the next you". 

"You do you boo," Power sarcastically captioned it.

SOURCE: Newshub's Monika Barton.