Burger King offers Prince Harry a job and a crown that he can keep

scandal 16/01/2020

Prince Harry might be stepping back from the royal family but that doesn't mean he has to give up his crown anytime soon.

Last week, the Prince and his wife, Meghan Markle, announced that they'd be stepping back as "senior" members of the royal family and planned to work to become "financially independent".

Markle has since announced she'll be doing voice-over work for Disney but what about Harry? What job is he planning on getting?

Luckily for him, job offers have been coming in hot including one from another royal institution, Burger King.

The fast-food chain joked on twitter saying "@ harry, this royal family offers part-time positions".

Burger King went on to really sell the job listing to the pair writing "Do as thousands of people and take your first steps into the world of work with us. You know that the crown will suit you perfectly.

"Also, after so many years of living as dukes, it is time you start eating like kings."